Why invest in Health and Safety?

Whether you’re starting up a business or growing a well-established company, addressing health and safety requirements can feel like a daunting and costly task.

New businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses tend to put health and safety low down their list of priorities — one to come back to “when I have time or can afford it.” Purchasing protective equipment for your staff, writing policies, and delivering training — that all sounds like a lot of effort and expense, right? Maybe so, but besides the obvious risk of being prosecuted, failing to assess the health hazards that exist in your workplace and implementing procedures to minimise them can be a costly mistake for many reasons.

So, why should you invest in workplace health and safety?

  • Improve staff engagement and company reputation
  • Boost productivity and profits
  • Avoid unnecessary costs
  • Wider business benefits

Health and safety should not be seen as merely a tick box exercise; something that has to be done, nor should involve developing manuals, processes, and policies, putting them in the bottom drawer and only bringing them out in the event of an event or an investigation.

It’s a great opportunity to think about how you run your business and how to improve productivity, profits, and results.

Abbey Fouche, The Mums Clique

As a grassroots charity we found Rebekah not only cost effective, but extremely helpful and efficient. She was able to complete what we asked of her and we were very satisfied with what she provided. We would not hesitate to recommend Rebekah and will happily call on her again when needed.

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