Health & Safety made simple

Workplace health, safety & well-being services for your New Zealand business

Oak Consulting NZ works with you to implement an effective health & safety system relevant to your business

You’re a small - medium business owner or manager who’s worked hard to build your business. You’re passionate about what you do, have a great team around you and want to make sure they return safely to their families at the end of the day, happy and healthy.

Perhaps you don’t have a health and safety plan, or the one you have hasn’t been reviewed for some time.

Do you feel exposed because you can't find the information that’s right for your business? Perhaps it all seems too difficult, or you just have no idea where to start.

You may feel worried that it is going to cost you a small fortune and that you’re going to get something that not only you, but your team doesn’t understand.

These fears are something I hear all the time, but rest assured you’re not alone.  The majority of small and medium businesses feel exactly the same way. Oak Consulting understands, and has you covered.

Taking the fear or uncertainty out of health and safety, tailoring a plan specifically to your business and industry is what I’m great at.  I’ll make sure that you and your team understand what their obligations are under the Health and Safety Act 2015, and make sure that anyone in your business can pick up a health and safety document, understand it and relate it to the work they do.

Oak Consulting NZ was established in 2019 with a specific focus:

To support business owners to implement effective, simple and industry specific health and safety practices while building a positive health and safety culture.

Oak Consulting, represents strength, growth, perseverance, leadership, and knowledge.  All of these values playing a vital part in health and safety culture within a business.

Hi, I’m Rebekah

The last 20 years has given me frontline experience in health and safety, injury management (Including in-depth knowledge of the ACC Accredited Employer Programme and ACC legislation). risk management, investigation and emergency care through a variation of roles in Primary Industries, Emergency Services and Government Sectors. Recently being involved with the Dairy and Hazardous Substances Industry areas.

Having always had a strong passion for working with companies to build a culture where peoples’ perception of H&S starts to change, where worker engagement is strong, and H&S is considered the norm rather than the exception. When a company has a positive culture and where there is a focus on prevention, accident rates reduce, morale is higher, and staff absenteeism decreases.

Unfortunately, I have seen first-hand what can happen to businesses and more importantly their workers and families when they have a lack of safety procedures in place or procedures haven’t been followed. That is why I am focused on introducing quality, simple and cost effective H&S into businesses and integrating it seamlessly into everyday operations. I strongly believe that the key to doing this successfully is not found in huge manuals and endless paperwork – it’s the people who are critical.

Andrew Peti
CEO, NZ Coastal Seafoods Ltd

New Zealand Coastal Seafoods acquired the services Oak Consulting NZ in October 2019.  At the time of engagement, the company had not long completed its float on the ASX and needed to quickly develop a set of greenfield Health and Safety systems and processes as well as take on sound advice in relation to its recruitment and induction gaps. Given Rebekah's (Beks) extensive relevant industry knowledge and experience, she was able to quickly assess our needs and develop a comprehensive set of customised  policies, processes and forms the organisation would need to achieve our accelerated  growth programme and meet our regulatory requirements.

Oak Consulting NZ offered a complete suite of support which led to the successful implementation of our Health and Safety systems. Support has been ongoing and we have been thriving since, thanks to Bek and her great implementation strategies.