Taking the Pressure and Confusion out of Health and Safety


Welcome, I'm Rebekah,

My clients are a lot like you, new or established businesses who are passionate about what they do, but their workplace health and safety processes and procedures are seriously lacking.

Working together, we establish a simple yet effective health and safety programme, specifically designed for their business.

In the end, they feel confident that they understand their legal obligations, and they have a health and safety programme that they not only understand, but are confident using as part of their everyday operations.

I’d love to help you do the same.

If you’re anything like my clients (before we work together, of course) you’re likely sitting there feeling either frustrated with the state of your health and safety programme or feeling completely lost with where to even begin.

After playing on your mind for some time, you are done procrastinating, done feeling stuck, and are ready to take action.

You’re looking to pair up with a Health and Safety Consultant who gets you and your business and will be there to support you along the way.

If that sounds like you, you're in the right place.

Andrew Peti
CEO, NZ Coastal Seafoods Ltd

New Zealand Coastal Seafoods acquired the services Oak Consulting NZ in October 2019.  At the time of engagement, the company had not long completed its float on the ASX and needed to quickly develop a set of greenfield Health and Safety systems and processes as well as take on sound advice in relation to its recruitment and induction gaps. Given Rebekah's (Beks) extensive relevant industry knowledge and experience, she was able to quickly assess our needs and develop a comprehensive set of customised  policies, processes and forms the organisation would need to achieve our accelerated  growth programme and meet our regulatory requirements.

Oak Consulting NZ offered a complete suite of support which led to the successful implementation of our Health and Safety systems. Support has been ongoing and we have been thriving since, thanks to Bek and her great implementation strategies.

Do you have big plans for your business, but feel that your compliance with Workplace Health and Safety is holding you back?

Your health and safety programme is one of, if not the most important part of your business.

Workplace Health and Safety should be one of the key foundations of your business. It shows that you put the safety of your employees, contractors, and the public first in everything that you do.

But yours isn't measuring up, is it?

Let me help you change that!

As a Health and Safety Consultant who gets the world of health and safety and fully understands what it takes to implement and maintain a health and safety programme, I appreciate what it is like to feel exposed.

Streamlined processes that are easy to implement

After 20 years of being involved in various industries and roles which have included health and safety, injury management and rehabilitation, and emergency services, I’ve developed a streamlined process that leaves clients feeling motivated and supported to get their health and safety plan off the ground.

You can be confident that you are getting qualified, skilled, and experienced advice and support.

You can book a free 30 minute call, by reaching out via my contact form below.